DeepAR Enquiries

I did and i have managed to test the Deep AR SDK. Amazing filters.

I wanted to enquire about

a) are there other many filters apart from the ones mentioned/included in the deep ar demo

b) the premium license or just same licence when we actually need work on the release app

c) we are particularly interested in the photo-video filters and masks


Hi @Maxwell_R,

we also have an effect store

an will probably be releasing more free and paid effects soon

For release, you should have at least the Basic paid plan to remove the watermark, you can work on the Free plan for development

All subscription plans are based on the amount of monthly active users (MAU) your app has. Every user that opens your app and uses DeepAR features is counted as an active user for that month.

Pricing plans:

  • Free - development and testing 10 MAUs, Has watermark and a time limit
  • Basic - $25/month or $250 annual - 1000 MAUs
  • Startup - $100/month or $1000 annual - 5k MAUs
  • Growth - $500/month or $5000 annual - 30k MAUs
  • Growth - $500/month or $5000 annual - 30k MAUs
  • Pro - $1000/month or $10000 annual - 100k MAUs

You can tell us more about the specific kinds of filters you want to make

Hello. Thank you for your reply
The filters we need are Tiktok-like/SNAPCHAT with some key ones like
a) FACE masks
b) Beauty effects
c) photo beauty

The example one shows the effects we would like for real time photo and video shooting. The plan is great because we can pay as we grow.

Was looking at this example:
You could send me an example with these filters,
The filters and effects from the example it is a mixture of bought and free?
i tested the examples on github and is working just afew filters and missing courosel. If the corousel not included we can begin on developing

Hello,we have an asset store here

a free effect pack here:DeepAR Developer

The new studio has template effects, and we are constantly adding new effect templates to the studio

You can find a koala effect similar to the animals in the screenshots but remastered in the templates

The manga lines effect is from this old tutorial

Face painting is from this demo

The fire breath effect is a bit old, and not available in our assets, but you can download it here: (3.2 MB)

I would recommend checking out our free pack and Studio templates for newer effects.

You can also create your own effects in the Studio

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