I want to implement glasses try on and I am quite new into this can you share the procedure of your sunglasses template because when I am using my 3d models it doesn’t look that natural and with change of head position it doesn’t remain at it’s place, it will be great and helpful if you share the procedure and if you make tutorials on glasses try-on in detail on your YouTube channel. Thanks a lot!

Thanks for your feedback we will look into more detailed tutorials, however tracking should be working by default, can you share a sample project?

I have made a custom filter and imported it in flutter app when i apply it and run application the screen is multicoloured and shady what can be the issue.

can you check my project it is having an issue my mobile screen becomes multishaded on opening of camera:

Hi @Ali

Apologies for the radio silence.

This is unfortunately a known bug with our Flutter plugin. Our Flutter plugin is still in Beta and we haven’t got a schedule for a stable release, but it is a popular request so we will bear it in mind when we do our planning. We are a small team with lots to do!

In the meantime, I can only recommend using our native Android or iOS SDKs which have our full developer support.

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful,