Enhance the virtual makeup experience

I have tested a lot of the capabilities of [ DeepAR Studio & effect tester app ] in the past days and I am still learning the software and I compare my experience with it to other platforms custom softwares such as Snapchat and TikTok , [DeepAR] is obviously a powerful and easy tool at the same time, but I see that the face mesh tracking is not as accurate on the mobile as the computer. on Mobile (IOS) seems very shaky . also other 2D assets such as lips and eyes also unstable compared to other platforms
I think this thing will not be exciting for the app user
Could you check that out please?
@jelena @Zak

Can you give us more info on what exactly is behaving incorrectly and in which circumstances?
The 2D meshes are used in the Beauty3000 app and in our experience are pretty stable

I tried makeup effects in beauty 3000 app on ios
There is a noticeable difference in the performance of the effect and the stability of face tracking
For example, the beauty effect template on deepAR effect tester app the lipstick and eye makeup look shaky (vibrating in its position)
Unlike beauty 3000, the effects are stable and the performance is perfect
Please check it yourself @jelena

Will do, which platform for the tester app were you using?

iPhone 11
Ios 16.4.1(a)
Thanks @jelena I hope that issue resolved quickly

That should be the exact same tracking then, what was the effect you were testing?

I compared the make-up template of deepAR studio and make-up built in effect of effect tester app to make up effects of beauty 3000 app
You should notice that objects placed on face are very stable in beauty 3000 app
In case of effect tester or web tester link
Make up objects placed on face are vibrating not stable you can notice that if the phone is closer to your face about 15 inches away from face
Other issues with tracking algorithm in effect tester app not beauty 3000 app when I move my hand slowly downward from face the head occlusion get bigger for a few seconds specially ( “ look-try on “effect from effect tester app )