Effect to improve facial lighting?


Is there an existing effect that you could point us to – free or paid – that is effective at correcting poor lighting on the face (or, better, whole body) ?


Depends how bad the lighting is, but you can do some basic color correction with a LUT effect

Hi! Thanks for the pointer – it is really helpful for getting started!

I was working on this this evening, and have a problem. I followed your instructions, with a neutral LUT (https://cdn.streamshark.io/obs-guide/img/neutral-lut.png), as well as trying this with the default beauty template, which has a LUT called BrightLUT. Inspection of the png files shows that BrightLUT has a brighter output than neutral (makes sense, given it’s name).

However, applying the LUT at full 100% yields a very much unexpected result – the image turns quite dark, and the darkest areas of the image, such as my pupils, take on a distinct red hue. This is true in both my project with the above downloaded LUT, as well the beauty template – the end result is slightly different, so the details of the table appear to matter some, but not a lot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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We’re looking into the LUT issue again. Thank you for the sample project