Deepar Studio Crash on Windows

I have a problem with deepar studio on windows. When going to export a deepar studio material file a crash occurs, is there the same problem? thanks

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Hello, could you give us a detailed step by step of how to reproduce this issue. If you have a project or a texture where this issue is reproducible, please include it so we can fix the crash.

I have the same issue.
Every time when I am trying to change any material to another DeepAR crashes.


@BooKoo_Motion @ntwrkbox Thank you for reporting the issue, we were able to replicate it and we are on it. We will release a hotfix version as soon as possible.

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The issue if i change any material, but if i change color base material app not crash.

I send link video for issue Desktop 2022.10.10 - - Google Disk

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The bug was fixed in version 0.7.1 beta which will be released within a couple of hours.