DeepAR not working in IOS 17, Android

After updating my phone to IOS17, the package does not initialize. It works well on Desktop IOS 16. The package is initialized inside an iframe. This is the error:

[Error] Feature policy ‘Camera’ check failed for iframe with origin ‘[domain-name]’ and allow attribute ‘autoplay;fullscreen;camera’.

What I don’t understand is that the same code works fine on an ipad with IOS 16 or on Desktop. However it does not work on Andoid tablet/phone, and iphones with IOS 17.

Hi could you share the error log on iOS 17 and which example you’re running and also some info about the Android devices that have issues please?

Hello, I apologize for the lack of information. I realize this issue is not related to DeepAR but I still have issues with running DeepAR inside an iframe. I have the same problems with the examples in this repository. They work fine on desktop but I have issues on mobile/tablet. Can you try these examples on IOS 17?

This is the error I am getting on IOS 17 with the cross-origin-iframe.html:

There was an error initialising DeepAR: Error: No camera available!

Thank you for sharing I will have a look.

@jelena Any updates? Can you reproduce the same error on IOS 17?