Issue with implementation in iOS

Hi, i am trying to integrate DeepAR in a flutter with But i am facing some issues with the implementation, as i am not able to build the app itself. I am getting Undefined symbol Error.

Launching lib/main_development.dart on iPhone 13 Pro Max in debug mode...
Xcode build done.                                           48.1s
Failed to build iOS app
Error (Xcode): Undefined symbol: _OBJC_CLASS_$_ARView

Error (Xcode): Undefined symbol: _OBJC_CLASS_$_CameraController

Error (Xcode): Undefined symbol: _OBJC_CLASS_$_DeepAR

Could not build the application for the simulator.
Error launching application on iPhone 13 Pro Max.

I have opened an issue in the GitHub Here

Hi, thanks for reporting the issue on GitHub, our flutter team will have a look.

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I have updated my findings in the github issue. It builds in physical device, but just keeps showing loading, that is the ar controller is stuck initializing. its not even building for Simulator.
I am using

  • Xcode Version 14.2 (14C18)
  • Flutter 3.7.4
  • deepar_flutter: ^0.0.5
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Hi @jelena , is there any update on this one?

Hi sorry, you should watch GitHub for flutter updates.