Uploading Website to my domain

i want to upload the build to my domain
i tried to upload this its not working and it didn’t open the camera
Screenshot 2023-05-09 230127

i changed the files

and the camera didn’t open and this error appears in the console

If you just want to deploy our quickstart example.

  1. Clone the quickstart project git clone https://github.com/DeepARSDK/quickstart-web-js-npm.git.
  2. Run npm install.
  3. Run npm run build.
  4. Deploy the contents of the dist folder to the server.

Yes when i run “ npm run build” it creates dist folder that contains main.js only

Then you are building your own project that is set up differently or you have modified our quickstart.

Ok no problem
It means that if i downloaded the github rep again and copy the js models wasm to lib folder
And after that
Npm run build
Upload the dist folder to the server only ?

I want to make it for shoe try on
So i will replace the pictures in thumbs folder
With the shoes pictures
Is there anything to change else ?
Can you please tell me the exact steps
And i will follow them all

The exact steps are here: Uploading Website to my domain - #5 by Disho.
No need to do any additional copying or whatsoever. But you should change the github repo with a shoe try on quickstart as that answer gives the plain quickstart demo link.

You can change anything you like as long as it doesn’t break anything. A good rule of thumb, if it works on localhost it should work when deployed.

What do you mean by saying
change the github repo with a shoe try on quickstart
I don’t understand

Use this repo GitHub - DeepARSDK/shoetryon-web-js: Shoe try-on example app with DeepAR Web SDK.

Sorry for asking you many questions
I downloaded the repo
After that it didnt run on the local host and gives me error
I tried npm install deepar … node modules folder created
After that
Npm run dev gives me this error

The previous project was working fine and the shoe appears and everything work but only on the local host vs code
The problem is that when i am uploading the project to the server the white screen appears with the blue circle but the camera is closed
And when i make npm run build the dist folder is created but it contains only main.js

You need to run

  • npm install

Instead of

  • npm instal deepar

I tried before npm install deepar
And it gives me this erro

I think you are in the wrong folder. You should be in a folder that contains package.json as the error message suggests.

I am so sorry
I downloaded again the shoe try on the GitHub repo
and after that, I run into the terminal
npm install
then I wanted to run it and it worked on the local host and opened the camera and the shoe appears
but when I am trying to run npm run build it gives me this error

I solved the npm run build problem
and it creates a dist folder with these contents

and I upload them to the server

and when I open the link the camera still not open and gives me this error in the inspect


Try clearing the browser cache or accessing the web page from the incognito window.

And I just realized you are on Windows and that is why the npm build script doesn’t work properly for you.

yes i am using windows not mac os
can you send me the script the will work fine with windows?
i tried to ask chatgpt but he send me wrong one :slight_smile: