Change Loading animation

Hey Crew, is it possible to change the standard deepAR Loading bar + Background?
The one that shows up before using a deployed deepAR file.

Not on the user side although we are looking into showing more info at least for the bulk export.

Hey @armonitas

It sounds like you might be talking about the loading bar on the web app, like the one that shows up on

In which case, good news! That’s totally customisable at your end - we just recommend that you use the progress bar style loader component vs other kinds of loaders (like a spinner) since we have found that it reduces user drop-off, because it gives an estimation as to how long the experience till take to load.

It’s not a ‘real’ progress bar, it’s just CSS animation, but since at this stage DeepAR is initialising machine learning models, it can block any Javascript temporarily and make it look glitchy.

But feel free to adapt the text/style/design as you see fit - it’s just a template suggestion.