Body Tracking update?


I am really excited to see all the new updates and changes in DeepAR after using it for more than a year.

I am curious to work on Body tracking which is supposed to be released soon according to the main site.

What is the update on it?

I am also waiting for more tutorials and articles!


Hey @Abrar , welcome to the DeepAR forum!

We are indeed working hard on body tracking right now. We have achieved some key milestones here, like 4K video support and room-scale whole-body tracking which is already being used by a major USA and UK cable company.

We hope to integrate body tracking into our core SDK and Studio soon - although we don’t have a fixed date on this yet.

We’ll keep you updated on this thread as we know more!


Hey @Zak
I also wanted to point out how awesome it would be to see this feature implemented.
Full body tracking will enable us to create a much better immersion since it would allow to add a reactive body-custome, right?

As you can see from my screenshots, there are still too many downsides using the workaround of having a body-costume that simply follows the face’s position:

  • You can not use your hands for any kind of gestures since the body-costume will stay placed in front of them (and there is no such things as a dynamic hands occluder ;))
  • It leads to a clearly visible glitch when you turn your head to the left or right since it will position the body/costume facing the same direction.
  • It feels too static in general

You had a superhero modell (which has been removed from your store) which showed this problem very clear as well.

The feature has been labeled as “coming soon” for almost a year now. Would be great to get an update on this :slight_smile:

Cheers and thanks! Ferdinand