DeepAR can't detect face in 854x480, but detects in 856x480

DeepAR web sdk detects faces well in 144p and 720p, but can’t detect in 480p for some reason.

It doesn’t detect it when resolution is 854x480, but detects in 856x480

Hi, can you give us more info about how you are using DeepAR on those resolutions?

Still images are harder for us to detect faces on then video feed, this typically is not connected to the image resolution

It’s about video stream quality.
We use <video> element and ask WebRTC for stream with specific resolutions (144, 480,1080 height).
We’ve noticed that when video stream is in 480p, DeepAR stops working.
It turns out that WebRTC provides 854x480 resolution by default, when you request aspect ration of 1.78.
Changing resolution to 856x480 has fixed the problem

Thank you for letting us know

I don’t feel like this is a “solution”, more like “work-around”. There is clearly something wrong with face detection, if changing resolution by 2 pixels breaks it