Quickstart iOS Swift Issues

I am trying to build off of the Quickstart swift iOS example so I downloaded it and ran it but it seems to be full of issues. Its got two hang risks and im also getting this in the console 2023-06-18 01:09:13.756254-0400 quickstart-ios-swift[1691:110769] [assertion] Error acquiring assertion: <Error Domain=RBSServiceErrorDomain Code=1 “target is not running or doesn’t have entitlement com.apple.runningboard.assertions.webkit” UserInfo={NSLocalizedFailureReason=target is not running or doesn’t have entitlement com.apple.runningboard.assertions.webkit}>

Id like to use deepar to build my application but If the Quickstart example has all these issues there is no way the app will be approved by apple can anyone help?

Any ideas on how to fix these problems or if they are a big deal or not? Any input would be great thanks!

Those warnings shouldn’t cause issues, but we will have a look