Localhost licence key

How should we init the package in localhost? Giving licenceKey an empty string, null or undefined does not work. Simply not adding the ‘licenceKey’ key does not work either.

Hi there, thanks for the question.

The DeepAR web SDK does require you to enter a value for the licenseKey property. You can use a free license key generated in your DeepAR developer account.

It is also possible to pass any value as a string when developing on localhost, eg 1234, but we don’t recommend this as it can increase the chance of license key errors making it into production.

You should update this link then. It is saying ‘Note that license key is only required when deploying to production (non-localhost) domain.’ Passing any string like ‘1234’ did not work for me, said the licence was not valid. Also, what should we enter for the domain name when working on localhost? I have a licence key for production domain but it does not work on localhost.

@Zak, any updates, comments? I am still having problems working on localhost. I can’t figure out what domain name to use in the developer portal.

@cem_gurel You are quire right, that part of the doc seems inaccurate, we’ll update it.

The intended behaviour is that you can use your production key for development in localhost and the sessions won’t count towards your monthly active user limits. So I’d expect your setup to work, but it sounds like it does not :frowning:

To take a closer look, could you let me know the SDK version you are using? And it would be really handy if you could send me the relevant files from your project privately at zak@deepar.ai.

We’ll figure out what’s happening soon I’m sure! Thanks for your patience!