Issue with agora-extension-beauty-effect@1.0.2-beta

Hi, we are developing in hybrid app mode.

Currently, we are testing on iOS and have encountered an issue. There’s an automatic fullscreen display, and in the lower right corner indicating “Live,” but there is no visible video.

The screen is completely black (see Image 1).

When attempting to close it, we can see our app’s ui and the camera feed, but it remains frozen (see Image 2). Testing on Windows PC browsers and Android devices works fine.

The packages we are using are as follows:

  • agora-extension-beauty-effect@1.0.2-beta
  • deepar-agora-extension@2.0.0
  • agora-rtc-sdk-ng@4.14.0

If we only use Agora publish video, this problem does not occur. Additionally, we’ve configured the app shell to allow inline media playback using the allowsInlineMediaPlayback property (allowsInlineMediaPlayback | Apple Developer Documentation).

The testing devices include:

  • iPhone 7 with iOS 15.7.8
  • iPhone 6s with iOS 15.7.1

We’re wondering if this might be caused by Wasm.

Please help us.

Thank you.

Screenshot 2023-08-17 130343
Screenshot 2023-08-17 130426

Hi @Gabe_Guo!
Our Agora extension was experiencing some issues after Agora’s and some other dependencies’ version upgrades. I’ll check about your issue with the devs and get back to you as soon as possible.


Hi again @Gabe_Guo!

Our Agora extension is currently out of date and will need to be updated. We suggest a custom integration of our SDK with Agora. If there is any new information about it, I will let you know.