Hi everyone, i try to integrate filter in my live streaming project but its shown hezy page, its in sdk Android version could you please help


Can you confirm the information from the intercom conversation:

This bug happens on
xiomi redmi 9 power with android 11.

Are there any other devices you’ve tested with?

Hi jalena,
I try to integrate filter through agora extension but there show only android web version available. But my project in Android mobile version, is there available for Android mobile version through agora extension, if its available could you please send android mobile version sdk.

Yi @Unitech_Enterprises DeepAR Developer

We have an example integration for the Android SDK available here. This works a bit differently then the extension in that the code to send frames to Agora is handled by the user

Can you confirm if the image issue you’ve sent before happened with the agora android example or the web extension?

Hi jalena,
Its happen with agora extension example. If its different to integrate so could you please share some code, how to integrate through agora extension mobile version?

Hi jalena,
I’m requesting you to that help me about how to integrate filter through agora extension android mobile version? I’m getting stuck, please help me.

The extension is for the Web SDK only, the way to integrate agora in with the Android SDK is as shown on the example project linked. Have you ran the demo project from the link?

Hi jelena
, could you please send me the demon project linksx?

Hi jalena
No i don’t run android sdk agora extension version. Could you please send me agora extension android mobile version sdk link?

Hi i try to run your demo android sdk example. For mobile version though agora extension but After that i could not able to add filters, how to add filters suggest me. I need plug in for agora extension.

I’m not sure I understand what you are using. Could you share some code snippets?

If you are having issues adding filters check out the second part of this tutorial