Issue testing DeepAR locally

Firefox seems to work after SEVERAL hard refreshes.

In Vivaldi, the plugin worked ONCE and then not at all. No errors in the console. I’m unable to activate the camera in Arc browser, but that’s not your fault, just a complaint. (I had images for these prior two sentences but I’m a new user and only one upload is allowed)

Is there a way to have behavior be consistent?

I’m using SvelteKit and this is the only way I’ve gotten something to appear:

  <script type="module">
    import * as deepar from "";

    (async function() {
      const deepAR = await deepar.initialize({
        // added this because docs advised it
        additionalOptions: { cameraConfig: { disableDefaultCamera: true }},
        licenseKey: "SECRET",
        previewElement: document.querySelector('#deepar-div'),
        effect: ""

      await deepAR.startCamera();

  <div id="deepar-div"></div>

Also, it’d be great if I could have the canvas be the full size of the window, if y’all have ideas about that. Figured this part out

Could you test if our quickstart works in those browsers?