iOS SDK Audio/Video Desync

Hello, our users are complaining about significant audio desync in the final video after flipping the camera controller position (front <-> back) while recording or pausing and resuming.

We notified Matej and George about this issue back in March 2021 (v2.4) and it still doesn’t appear to be resolved in iOS v4.0. Are you getting any other reports on this?

Also, Why isn’t the iOS QuickStart Example able to test all portions of the SDK (i.e. pause, resume)? The QuickStart example has been bare bones for years now. It would be nice if we had a fully featured example project so that we can easily show you how to reproduce these issues instead of taking our word for it that there are massive issues with the SDK.


Hi @Ross_Barbish sorry to hear that.

The desync bug was fixed in a previous release, we will test it out to see if it has resurfaced in some use cases. Do you happen to know if 4.0 is the exact version where the issue occurs again?