I have some questions about the DeepAR Beauty API

  1. I noticed that the DeepAR Beauty API is currently in beta. What is the difference between this and the makeup filters sold by DeepAR for around $1999?
  1. When is the release date for the DeepAR Beauty plugin? Or is it already available for purchase?
  2. I am currently using version 5.4.1 of the deepAR SDK due to an issue. Will the release version be compatible with this version?
  3. Here is a link to an issue topic I posted earlier regarding the latest version: A very serious issue has occurred. I urgently request a prompt response. "initializeOffscreen dosent work with new version of deepAR". When can we expect this issue to be resolved?


  1. DeepAR Beauty is an easy-to-use API for beautification and makeup with DeepAR SDK. It is intended to be used as a standalone api, and much easier to modify looks in.

  2. You can buy it now by contacting our sales Contact Us | DeepAR

  3. It uses the latest SDK internally, but again, isn’t meant to be used as the full SDK.

  4. We’re still looking into that

Thank you for your reply. I have an additional question.

Approximately how long will it take to resolve the offscreen issue? Can we expect a solution within the next 6 months, or should we look towards next year?

I’m interested in using the beauty API for iOS, but is it still under development? According to the documentation here: https://docs.deepar.ai./deepar-beauty/introduction, it seems like it’s not yet available for iOS.

  1. Is the beauty plugin for iOS available for purchase now? (Or will it be within the next 3 months?)
  2. Whether it’s available for purchase or not, is it possible to test the beauty-related SDK for iOS?