How is MAU calculated?

MAU is a unique user per month - so if the same user accesses DeepAR features multiple times per month they will be counted only once.

We qualify uniqueness by collecting non-personal data from the user plus some random seeds that are persisted in the cookies.

However, if they change their device or browser they will probably be counted multiple times per device/browser per month.


@zak I have the web SDK loaded on about 125 of our photo booths which I thought would result in a MAU count of 125 as the browser and device running the SDK do not change. In just a few days, our MAU count is nearly 500.

Why would that be?



Hey Kevin!

Devices running DeepAR in ‘offline’ applications like photo booths cannot alway count users in the same way a personal device like a phone running DeepAR in a website can, so monthly active user-based pricing (MAU) is not always stable.

To solve this and avoid pricing surprises, we have a custom plan for booths and similar use cases. We’ll be in touch to discuss that with you.

If anyone else comes across this thread with a similar issue, please contact us and we can get you set up on a special plan also :slight_smile:

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Thanks Zak. Look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Zak. Not sure the one to answer this but on a few of our photos, we see the “” watermark appear even though we have a subscription.

What would cause that?

Hi @KevinFlynn

We have a thread on this with some helpful tips over here. It might be worth checking that out to see if your solution is in there.

The most common reason is an incorrectly set license key - although it could be many other things also.

If nothing in there solves it for you, it would be great if you could show us the project file in which you initiate DeepAR so we can take a closer look for you. You can submit any files privately via this form or via the chat widget on

Thanks. The product is live in our photo booths and the watermark will randomly appear throughout the day on customer photos. I’m pretty sure it’s not my code as previous sessions don’t have the watermark and then it will pop up on a subsequent session.