How does offscreen rendering work in Safari?

How does offscreen rendering work in Safari?
Safari does not support WebGL in OffscreenCanvas.

The WebSDK requires a canvas, you could not display said canvas if you needed to.

What is your use-case?

Starting from the fourth version, a new api setOffscreenRenderingEnabled was added to DeepAR.

I enabled offscreen rendering but it doesn’t work in Safari.
Want to understand how you implemented this and what setOffscreenRenderingEnabled does after calling?

Which version of Safari is that. It’s possible it doesn’t properly support the requestAnimationFrame method

I have the latest version of Safari
Version 17.2.1

Can you answer this question - what happens after calling setOffscreenRenderingEnabled?
I’m guessing that OffscreenCanvas works instead of regular canvas.

It uses requestAnimationFrame() internally which will not render when tab is not focused but yields the most precise FPS

But it’s still rendered to a canvas.

We reccomend only using offscreen rendering while the tab isn’t focused or in similar circumstances

How does this work in other browsers?
I already checked and it seems that in chrome offscreen rendering works even if the tab is not in focus.