DeepAR Cocoapod not working on iOS

When downloading DeepAR through Cocoapod, it seems like none of the views / apis are accessible after importing.

I’ve tried deleting derived data, pod install --repo-update and nothing works.

Hi @Benjamin_Lim!

Can you share more details of your Podfile, whether DeepAR is listed as installed when running pod install, the version of the SDK, and anything else that could be useful?

I now managed to add the SDK to the quickstart example using CocoaPods so we need to see in which situations the issue is present.

  • It’s listed as installed (v5.4.1)
  • It’s in the pods folder
  • Importing DeepAR doesn’t do anything

This is what it looks like in the pod folder:

That’s about all the information I can conjure.

Just tested on Swift Package Manager. Not working either - getting this error:

Version rules - 5.0.0 - Next Major

Can you try doing some of the things suggested here or here? It’s possible you already tried them, but just to be sure…