Debug an integer value

Hi, I am new to Deepar.
I am trying to Log an integer value from a script, but i can see anything in the console window.
i can only see string values that i am printing.

Is there a way to print an integer value?(basically i am trying to print localposition of an object.)

Hi and welcome to the DeepAR Forum! :smiley:

Can you share a code snippet or some more information about what you are trying to do? Printing an integer to the console should be possible using console.log().

function onStart() {
    ball = Node.root.getChild('Ball');
    prevFaceVisible = Context.isFaceVisible();
    planeCollider = Node.root.getChild('Node').getChild('plane_2');
    colorToggle = true;
    if (prevFaceVisible) {


Is there something that I am missing??

Sorry, I misunderstood.
You can try some of the options:

a = 123;
Debug.log("Number: " + a + ", number2: " + 456);

Ok, now its working,
so according to my understanding, we would have to append a string to the integer variable or to the value to see it console.


Debug.log(string) accepts only strings so you can either append it to a string as shown previously for implicit conversion or convert it to a string explicitly using .toString() or String(int).