Apply filters with smart glasses devices

Hi, does somebody know if it’s possible to apply the AR filters with some AR glasses device (like Xreal)?

Hey @Enrique, welcome to the DeepAR forum!

It should be possible to use any DeepAR features with the Xreal glasses, since they can project the screen from iOS or Android devices. However Xreal don’t have a camera input, so shoe or wrist try-on may be a bit difficult due to having an external camera to handle, while glasses try-on and face effects will be a bit tricky unless you have a mirror!

DeepAR is great for body-centric AR, and for that, you still can’t beat a smartphone or desktop with webcam :slight_smile:

Yes I’m aware xreal air does not have a camera (light version had, but not sure if they are going to continue with it).
Do you know some other device allowing access to the camera to manipulate that image with Deepar?
My idea is to get the image from the camera, and apply deppar effects directly to that, do you think it’s possible?