Android sdk crashes app on Samsung s10+ device

Fatal Exception: java.lang.IllegalStateException: This should not happen!

crashlytics give following data for crash on Samsung S10+ device , its from SDK

No other valid information or detail from exception thrown

Hi @hardik_goswami, thank you for reporting.

This looks like there was an issue with one of the effects that use video textures. Could you please send us the effect that was active when this crash happened?

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please download effect from this link

Thanks, we’re looking into it. Do you have the source video file as well?

No whenever we call
switchEffect method to set this effect app crashes due to SDK , applying filter doesn’t work on samsung s10+ devices Device specs incase you need

Thank you, we believe it has to do with the video in the effect.

Can you share the wormhole video and which version of the Android SDK you are using?