We want all the front-facing camera clips to be unmirrored or mirrored depending on an App Setting

We are using the iOS and Android SDKs and have a user request to default the front-facing clips to unmirrored / true orientation. Currently DeepAR records all clips front-facing camera as mirrored (as you would see looking into a physical mirror). We want to have an app setting “Mirror Front-Facing Camera” which will default to Off so that text presented to the front-facing camera is in true orientation.

Is there anything in the SDK that we can use to accomplish this? I can’t find anything. Also, we have the problem of not being able to access or manipulate individual clips. If we have multiple front and rear facing camera clips, we need the ability to manipulate only the front-facing clips depending on this app setting. Is there any way to access the local mp4 of individual clips? It looks like only on finishRecording() do we have access to the final, merged video file.

Ross Barbish

@jelena Hi Jelena, do you know if this possible? Or maybe a way for us to access and manipulate the clips ourselves? There is no “didPause” delegate method where we can access the local clip mp4 url.