Is Unity a viable solution?

Hi, I have some questions regarding DeepAR and Unity.

I notice that Unity is mentioned on the SDK page of the website, but I have not seen it anywhere else. Is Unity included as a viable development platform?

If this is not the case, I am looking for a way to make use of the AR content in a Unity app that is built for Windows. To this end I am thinking of finding a way to stream a DeepAR web app onto a texture in Unity. Ideally, the web app would be imbedded in the Unity project and access the webcam from within. I suppose an alternative would be to use WebRTC to stream from a web app into Unity. Perhaps the Agora solution would be possibility in this use-case.

If anyone has any thoughts on this I’d be grateful to hear them. However, the most desired option would be to build within the Unity platform from the start, so I’d love to hear if this is possible.


Hi, can you link where Unity is mentioned? We don’t support Unity unfortunately or have a Windows SDK.

Hi, thanks for getting back to me.
It did become apparent while searching that Unity is not supported, but Unity is mentioned on DeepAR Augmented Reality SDK: Add AR features fast, under ’ Face Filters’:
“Add face filters, effects, and lenses ~ with better performance than Snapchat in a powerful SDK built for iOS, Android, HTML5 and Unity.”

We have experimented with Unity support, but it didn’t pan out, we have since removed references to Unity to our page. It says:

“in a powerful SDK built for iOS, MacOS, Android and HTML5.”

Can you try clearing cache?

I’ve cleared all cache and used different browsers. I’m afraid it still says Unity. The sentence you quote is actually under the heading ‘Add AR to any platform within minutes’ - the instance I am referring to is in a slightly differently worded sentence under the heading ‘Face Filters’ - “in a powerful SDK built for iOS, Android, HTML5 and Unity.”

I see, sorry we’ll remove that.