Is it possible to disable balloons / confetti / fireworks reaction effects?

Hi there!
I’m working with a blank studio project and I’m noticing that thumbs up, clapping, or peace sign activates reaction animations. Is it possible to disable those? I don’t see a place where those are defined in the project.

Appreciate any help with this. Thanks!

I don’t think they do trigger anything. Do you have a video?

Yeah! See video here, this is in a new blank project running Studio v 4.3.5 on a mac. Peace sign and head tilt activates balloons, thumbs up activates fireworks, I think confetti is from clapping but I’m not sure about that one, sometimes it seems random. I’d prefer these effects not show up in my filters, is that possible?

This should not be possible in an empty project.

Have you made sure you’re clicking new project on strartup?

You can download the studio again from here:

If you keep having issues, please save the empty project that does this and attach it here.

Hi Jelena! Great to know this isn’t supposed to happen! I’ve redownloaded deepar studio fresh and when clicking new project, adding nothing to it, and trying out the effect it still has those effect reactions. See here for the effect link


I can’t reproduce your issue and there is no code or assets that could cause this behaviour in the Studio.
Perhaps you could check if you have a strange custom version of the preview app or a coworker who enjoys practical jokes.

Hi! I’m able to replicate the issue in the web preview viewer too, see link here this is the same effect I attached previously, and I think you’ll find the reactions do display here, I’ve replicated on my computer, phone and iPad. I believe this is some kind of bug. I’m working on this alone :slight_smile:

This is just your Mac doing that. DeepAR is not involved.

Oh woww thanks so much for finding that it’s been driving me crazy!

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Sorry it took a while :slight_smile:

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