Hair segmentation to replace hair


I’m looking for something to replace the hair rather than just color it. Is that on the roadmap?


Many of the helmet type effects in the store have deformers that will hide the users hair under the helmet. What would you want to replace the hair with?

would you consider a wig?

Yes like another hair style or wig

so why you don’t buy a wig??

We don’t currently have wig style masks in our store, sorry. We will check if we could make some.


Hello, I´m wonrdering if you can help me. I´m looking for the hair color effect (Hair segmentation), that it is supposed to be included in the free effects, but it is not present there. Any chances that you have it and can share it ? Thanks!! (113.7 KB)
Sure, Here is the free hair color effect. you can edit it by changing the LUT.

Note that hair segmentation is currently only supported on iOS

Just bumping this back up to see if there has been any developments in this space for making a hair replacement