Exporting studio filter is not working in flutter environment

My filters aren’t working with flutter environment while filters which i have been downloading from online platform of free pack filters are working perfectly fine

HI @afan_sher. Could you share some sample filters you’re having issues with, and how exactly you’re trying to use them?

i am using DeepAr sunglasses template as it is but is not showing any filter in my flutter app …

i am just exporting sunglasses filter and placing it in my effects folder and then trying to use it in my project

Hi, sorry but could you be more specific on the steps. Ideally you would share your studio and SDK versions the exact exported file, it’s location and the code snippet using it, so we can try to reproduce the issue.

Without that info I can suggest updating the SDK on your project as a potential fix.

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i have just exported deepar’s sunglasses template filter into my flutter but it not working
thing is deepar’s readymade filters are working fine

Exporting filter like this and then copying it into my effect folder ….

Now in this snippet you are seeing that in _maskList “flower_face.deepar” is deepar ready made filter and I have downloaded it and it is working absolutely fine but “nice.deepar” is what I have exported from deepar studio’s sunglasses template as it is but it is not showing on my face….

SDK versions

Sorry, I meant the DeepAR SDK version, you can download the lastest SDK from our downloads page


And replace it at two locations:

  1. In your flutter project as android/app/libs/deepar.aar.
  2. In the root of your flutter environment directory, navigate to deepar_flutter pub-cache folder and create a new libs folder and place the deepar.aar file as following:
  • ~/.pub-cache/hosted/pub.dartlang.org/deepar_flutter-<plugin-version>/android/libs/deepar.aar (Linux/ Mac)
  • %LOCALAPPDATA%\Pub\Cache\hosted\pub.dartlang.org\deepar_flutter-<plugin-version>\android\libs\deepar.aar(Windows)

still my problem is unsolved
do you get what my problem is?

how can i share filter which I’m using in my app?

Hello @jelena are you there?

Hello, You can upload a zip of the deeparproj directory on drive and paste a link, dm it to me or you can dm me if you don’t want to share publically

here is the link of my deeparproj file

Thanks, we will try it out.

The project seems fine, can you send us the exported .deepar file to see if it got corrupted somehow?

are you testing that in flutter environment ?
if so then can you share that flutter file with me?

Hello everyone! I might be with the same issue as this topic. My custom models made with deepar studio isnt working in flutter app with deepar flutter package. And, also for me, free pack filters are working fine.

I’ve just downloaded the last deep ar sdk 4.0.2, but it didnt work.