DeepAR gets auto shutdown

I am working in an iOS app, I created a new DeepAR instance as in the sample and capturing photo and video all is working as expected.

After sometime the DeepAR calls automatically the delegate method - didFinishShutdown(). After this method call the Video is crashing, Photo is not working. I tried various ways to reintialize and nothing worked as expected.

Please share how to properly reinitialize the DeepAR so that after shutdown it works as earlier

Hi @vmvk_developer if you are using a free licence the SDK will auto-shutdown after 3 minutes this limitation is automatically removed with any paid subscription.

@jelena thanks for the details. We are also facing one more issue. Currently if the iOS app is moved to background and then again moved to foreground, the video recording just stops and it does not work proper. Can you suggest how to handle this

What is the expected behavior on your part in that situation?

We stop the recording when the DeepAR is not active, since there is no output to record.

On opening the app again and when we start a video recording it begins properly and the delegate method didStartVideoRecording gets called. However after doing the recording the delegate method didFinishVideoRecording is not getting called

Can you reproduce this on our quickstart example, we will test it out.

This issue is reproducible in quickstart example if we set videoRecordingWarmupEnabled as true. self.deepAR.videoRecordingWarmupEnabled = true;

If we set this as false, then its working proper.