Camera not working and flickering on OPPO A743

I cloned the Flutter project from Git Hub and built it on my Oppo device (OPPO A743, Android 13). The camera does not work like the picture below.

But when I cloned the Android native project, it worked well.

How can I fix it?

DeepAR React Native Plugin and DeepAR Flutter plugin are open source projects developed and maintained by the DeepAR community. DeepAR does not actively maintain nor provide customer support for them. All the inquiries should go through community channels such as Github issue reporting system or DeepAR forum. Our support covers only native mobile (iOS and Android), Web and MacOS and the future development will be with those platforms in focus."

Reason for this is that we just do not have internal resources to maintain these libraries which, as any other, are evolving on a daily basis. The further complexities such as integrating these platforms with various videos streaming and other 3rd party services is not manageable atm even on the level of customer support.


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