Are the "startVideoRecording" and "takeScreenshot" method work with mobile device? (Web SDK)

I’ve tried it but it was work only on desktop. How can I fix it? It would be great if there is some example of this.


Hello @TKO , could you paste the code you are using?

The methods should return a blob (video) or an image, you would need to handle the download or displaying.

Hi @Jelena,

please see my attached code. It’s both work on desktop but for mobile there’s nothing happen when I tap “download-photo” and “recording-btn” button.


Thank you. We will test it out

We tested both functions in Safari on iPhone 7 and in Chrome on Samsung Galaxy S21+. Both taking a screenshot and recording a video work from our side.
calling, ‘_blank’).focus() might be failing if your popups are being blocked.
You can try to wrap the contents of the finishVideoRecording callback function with try-catch, like this: function(video) { try { … } catch (e) { alert(e); } };