Any example for implement my own CameraController with Swift Code?

  1. I can not see an example for implement all function of CameraController by myself with swift code, where I can to see it ?

  2. How to coding to open/off flash by swift code?

  3. I have a conflict CameraController with other library
    private var cameraController: CameraController!
    I get error ‘CameraController’ is ambiguous for type lookup in this context
    Any idea to fix it?

Hello @iamtidz

We don’t have that example. The original camera controller is written in Objective C, and you should be able to use the Objective C custom camera controller in your app.

Your error looks like it might be a simple naming issue. Did you name your class CustomCameraController like in the example?

Now, I’m use CameraController for testing.

Where can I get the example project to develop original camera controller by Objective C ?

Here is the example project.